Have a glimpse of my interesting life as an enthusiastic human, developer and producer
fascinated with making life more efficient via the Web and other Internet services.

As a Web Developer, I'm passionate about increasing user efficiency via
reliable Web application backends, intuitive user interfaces and robust security.

As a DJ & VJ, I love to produce unique events with great sensory experiences via
professional hardware and custom software designed to generate fun environments.

Recent Projects

Piknik Live // Absolutely The Best Thing On Earth

Piknik Live is a tool for Web designers (and challenged Web developers like myself) to visualize colors even easier than changing arbitrary CSS values via Firebug, or updating the CSS file and reloading the whole page (all while hoping the CSS file wasn't cached or the updated file upload didn't fail).

Link arrow Pinkik Live
Link arrow Piknik Color Picker (Original)
Link arrow Arne Martin (Original Author)

Slexy.org // The Internet's Hottest Pastebin

Slexy.org // The Internet's Hottest Pastebin
Slexy.org is a powerful, slick, and useful pastebin designed with the user in mind.

MOSMC // Server Monitoring and Info Console

MOSMC ("moss-em-see") is an automated server monitoring script developed with PHP, designed for instant access to server information with an effective Web GUI, and e-mail alerts upon failure or near-failure of a software component.

Before robust monitoring services like New Relic emerged, it did a great job. It is no longer maintained.

zDec // DJ/VJ Zandro Display Event Controller

An intricate system which uses HTML5 and JavaScript, among other technologies, to control an event's visual presentations. Includes music visualizations, custom video management, and much more. It was exclusively available in my VJ events. Contact me if you want additional details.

This project has been succeeded by PyBeat. More information about PyBeat is available in this Recent Projects section.

This is a PHP-IRC bot plugin. There is no public source code, but if you're interested in reviewing it, feel free to reach out. Developed for MintIRC.

Recent Accomplishments

Castle Point Radio (WCPR) Member

As a member of WCPR, I've learned about the ins and outs of running a college radio station. The primary focus of my involvement has been with their Mobile Unit, which includes sound and lighting set up for all kinds of on-campus events.

I've helped out with several of their major events, including Prototype and the week-long event Live From Pierce.

High Honor Graduate from Wesleyan Academy

As a proud member of the Class of 2010 of Wesleyan Academy, I graduated with High Honors, and was presented the Wesleyan Academy Senior Excellence Award in Technology, which recognized my contributions and achievements produced for the enhancement of the school community. Additionally, I was awarded the President's Award for Educational Excellence.

Graphic Design & Brand Development for WA Seniors 2010

Since 2006, I produced over two dozen sets of marketing material focused on various fund raisers, entertainment events, and other class activities. Additionally, a logo for the class was developed and updated as the years progressed.

Throughout the 2009-2010 school year, the Wesleyan Academy Class of 2010 received the highest amount of profit of any class in the last 5 years. This achievement is attributed to the strong class effort, including the effective marketing and branding campaigns that made all the Seniors 2010 events stand out from the rest of the school.

Produced & Controlled Visuals and Audio for Reverie

A grand event organized by Wesleyan Academy's Class of 2010 for the graduating Class of 2009, Reverie featured a full-blown play with precise choreographing, and elaborate accompanying video, audio, and lighting effects.

Services provided included logo creation and animation, video editing and rendering, custom dynamic visuals for projection (including VJing), and music used throughout the night (including DJing during intermissions).

[FlEv]DiM (now known as zDec) v0.4.0 was used for controlling all media, in conjunction with an Akai MPD32 MIDI controller board and a touch-screen laptop.

For more information on the powerful [FlEv]DiM (now known as zDec), see the full description under "Recent Projects".

Wesleyan Academy's VEX Robotics Team, which I mentor, participated in an extensive radio and television interview in "El Circo" at La Mega, a program broadcasted live every weekday morning in Puerto Rico, and shown in their cable/satellite television during the evenings.

The Director of the Puerto Rico Institute of Robotics (PRIOR), Wence Lopez, and the Cupeyville School team also participated in demonstrations of our robots and promoted our participation in the VEX Robotics World Championship.

"Funky Joe", "El Gangster", and Daniela, hosts of "El Circo", and Maria Celeste, host of "Al Rojo Vivo" in Telemundo, enjoyed using our robots for extended periods of time while recording and off-air.

Link arrow El Circo at La Mega
Link arrow La Mega // 106.9 FM + 169 DirecTV Puerto Rico
Link arrow Puerto Rico Institute of Robotics (PRIOR)

Over a couple of evenings, I developed a content management system (CMS) for my Website, which was made from scratch.

I also developed a slick administration back-end which utilizes the same slider system used in the main site, and utilizes AJAX to create a more efficient work-flow.

Database queries and PHP code have been optimized to ensure optimal speed and performance. These techniques are standard in my development process.

Link arrow Content Manager Demo
    (user: tpjdemo, pass: foobar)

Link arrow CodeIgniter Framework

I was honored to be interviewed by Ms. Lucilla Feliciano from CIMA Services, a Puerto Rican company who provides various career resources and resume services to job seekers.

This interview primarily focuses on strategies and advice on how to obtain projects, develop personal and professional branding, and find a career you're truly passionate about. Highly recommended read if you're in need of work, or just want to improve your career.

Link arrow Read interview — "Career Talk with a Jedi"

Expanded advanced networking knowledge, experimented with Cisco and other vendor equipment, assisted in circuit diagnostics and hardware replacement, and networked with Sprint Field Operations technicians and engineers.

I went to Sprint's Metro Office Park location, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, which acts as a node that handles all Sprint traffic, including VOIP, long distance calls, dedicated business phone and Internet lines, etc., between Puerto Rico and the United States.

I must thank Mr. Javier Bernabe, Mr. Sam de la Torre, and the rest of the Sprint Puerto Rico team for their professionalism and hospitality.

Link arrow Sprint-Nextel Website

Wesleyan Academy's robotics team traveled to Dallas, Texas, in order to participate in one of the largest robotics competitions in the world.

Yours truly has mentored the team throughout the years, taught members how to program in EasyC®, and programmed most of the code used in the competition robots.

Link arrow VEX Robotics Elevation Competition Details
Link arrow Puerto Rico Institute of Robotics (PRIOR)

Custom browser-based app (combination of Flash with ActionScript 3 backend, and XHTML/CSS with Javascript) to control visuals for events, such as event introductions, music metadata, logo animation, and music visualizations.

Demo is available upon request on a face-to-face basis. No formal public release is planned, although it is a possibility in the future.

Note: Software now known as zDec.

Used [FlEv]DiM (now known as zDec) v0.1 to control the visual presentations during the event. Also produced the visuals and edited music used throughout the activity.

Participated in the first GHOP program during the 2007-2008 winter, organized by Google's Open Source Programs Office (OSPO). Thanks to Leslie Hawthorn, OSPO Program Manager, for the opportunity and all of the Google swag.

Link arrow Google Highly Open Participation Contest

Wesleyan Academy's team proudly won the Programming Challenge award. Guess who helped them develop the kick-ass code?

Link arrow Puerto Rico Institute of Robotics (PRIOR)

In my first full immersion in robotics, Wesleyan Academy's robotics teams used the VEX Robotic Design System to compete against other regional schools. The program's sponsored by NASA, and the PR Dept. of Education, and organized by PUPR.

Link arrow Puerto Rico Institute of Robotics (PRIOR)

Quasi-Random Facts

I prefer to develop standard-compliant XHTML 1.1 and HTML5.

I accidentally became interested in Web Development.

I love music, and enjoy to produce events and DJ.

I'm a perfectionist. Please report any misplaced pixels.

Who is Alesandro Ortiz?

I'm a passionate twenty-three year old Web Developer.

I don't think of Web Development as a job, but as a lifestyle. I love playing with the latest technologies and creating innovative applications with the new and old.

Since I was eleven years old, I've been interested in Web Development. Within a couple of years, I self-taught myself everything I know, from HTML, to more advanced front-end and back-end languages and markups, during a period of peak innovation on the Internet.

My passion has never been greater as I work with amazing teams to solve world problems from my hometown, New York City. I love working with the open source community, and networking with fellow Web Devs across the Internet and around the world.

I develop in a variety of languages and markups.

I'm very experienced in the server-side languages of PHP (experienced in PHP5 OOP, MVC) and Python, as well as front-end markups and languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 APIs. I love to develop scalable, performant and secure algorithms. I'm also experienced running software services and managing servers.

I'm constantly improving my skills, and learning new languages and techniques. I tend to use frameworks, such as CodeIgniter and jQuery, but I started and still love to work with raw language code.

I currently live in the USA and cater to clients worldwide.

I currently live in Queens, New York City, and work full-time in NYC with passionate teams at startups who solve world problems efficiently via the Web.

In the past, I've lived in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, a United States commonwealth/territory in the Caribbean. I proudly enjoy American citizenship as a New Yorker.

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